Pioneer Process | FormCrete In-Situ Terrazzo
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FormCrete In-Situ Terrazzo


FormCrete® Polyacrylate In-Situ Terrazzo Flooring System

FormCrete® Polyacrylate In-Situ Terrazzo Flooring System is a specially formulated polymer-modified In-Situ Terrazzo Flooring System in thin overlay of 10mm to 15mm thick using 3mm, 6mm or 9mm stone chippings.


Terrazzo floor is cured, ground and polished to a smooth surface to reveal the natural beauty of the stone chippings used. By mixing different types, colours and sizes of chippings and other mineral fillers, many attractive terrazzo finishing can be created.

System Materials

      Bonding Agent


Part A Liquid Polymer (20kg/container)
Part B Powder Dry Mix (20kg/bag)

Polyacrylate In-Situ
Terrazzo Topping


Part A Dry Mix (40kg/bag)
Part B Liquid Polymer

   Terrazzo Grout



Smooth Surface
Terrazzo Sealer



Texture and Colour Chart

3mm Chipping Series

IT3-1 (1181 x 1181)

IT3-1 White Mono

IT3-2 (1181 x 1181)

IT3-2 Cool White

IT3-3 (1181 x 1181)

IT3-3 Light Grey

IT3-4 (1181 x 1181) (886 x 886)

IT3-4 Pacific Grey

IT3-5 (1181 x 1181) (886 x 886)

IT3-5 Charcoal Grey

IT3-6 (1181 x 1181)

IT3-6 Black

IT3-7 (1181 x 1181) (886 x 886)

IT3-7 Grey Grano

IT3-8 (1181 x 1181)

IT3-8 Black Grano

IT3-9 (1181 x 1181) (886 x 886)

IT3-9 Black In White

IT3-10 (1181 x 1181) (886 x 886)

IT3-10 Golden Yellow

IT3-11 (1181 x 1181)

IT3-11 Jasmine Yellow

IT3-12 (1181 x 1181)

IT3-12 Cream Yellow

6mm Chipping Series

IT6-1 (1181 x 1181)

IT6-1 White Mono

IT6-2 (1181 x 1181)

IT6-2 Cool White

IT6-3 (1181 x 1181)

IT6-3 Light Grey

IT6-4 (886 x 886)

IT6-4 Pacific Grey

IT6-5 (886 x 886)

IT6-5 Charcoal Grey

IT6-6 (886 x 886)

IT6-6 Grey Grano

IT6-7 (1181 x 1181)

IT6-7 Golden Yellow

IT6-8 (1181 x 1181)

IT6-8 Jasmine Yellow

IT6-9 (1181 x 1181)

IT6-9 Cream Yellow

9mm Chipping Series

IT9-1 (1181 x 1181)

IT9-1 White Mono

IT9-2 (1181 x 1181)

IT9-2 White Grano

IT9-3 (1181 x 1181) (886 x 886)

IT9-3 Pacific Grey

IT9-4 (1181 x 1181) (886 x 886)

IT9-4 Charcoal Grey

IT9-5 (1181 x 1181)

IT9-5 Black Grano

IT9-6 (1181 x 1181) (886 x 886)

IT9-6 Black in White

IT9-7 (1181 x 1181)

IT9-7 Golden Yellow

IT9-8 (1181 x 1181)

IT9-8 Cream Yellow

The colours shown in above colour chart are intended as guides only. Kindly view actual samples at our showroom for more accurate representation of colour.

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