Pioneer Process | Miniature Concrete Planters
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Miniature Concrete Planters


Miniature Concrete Planters

Our miniature concrete planters are handmade using Glass Fiber Reinforced Stone (GFRS), a very sturdy and advanced aesthetic cement material that transforms a typical concrete look into a beautiful stone finish.  It can be used to pot small plants (e.g. cacti, succulents, bonsai), or as a stationary holder, or even for other miscellaneous use such as to contain wrapped candies, coins or even keys! Not only environmental friendly and non-toxic, all planters are sealed with water repellant impregnator which protects the surface against fungus, stains and is also termite resistant. Good as corporate gifts, home decor gifts, even as table ornaments. These planters are available in Black, White, or 2-Toned combinations. Drainage holes can also be created upon request.


STEPS Planter       |       RM150.00

Length : 130mm
Width : 105mm
Height : 100mm
Weight : 1.8kg

SPIRAL Planter      |      RM140.00

Diameter : 83mm
Height : 77mm
Weight : 1.5kg

RIBBED Planter      |     RM130.00

Length : 119mm
Width : 119mm
Height : 115mm
Weight : 0.9kg

POT Planter        |        RM120.00

Length : 100mm
Width : 120mm
Height : 100mm
Weight : 0.7kg

DECK Planter        |        RM90.00

Length : 120mm
Width : 120mm
Height : 120mm
Weight : 0.8kg

BOWL Planter       |       RM60.00

Diameter : 135mm
Height : 75mm
Weight : 0.4kg

CONE Planter        |        RM50.00

Diameter : 121mm
Height : 132mm
Weight : 0.4kg

RECTANGLE Planter  |  RM50.00

Length : 148mm
Width : 60mm
Height : 60mm
Weight : 0.4kg
Please state Quantity, Design, Colour.